Hello, I’m a researcher and creative based in the Orkney Isles. I explore the social impacts of emerging digital technologies; and considering ways that we can make these technologies work for us and the futures we want to build.

On this site, you’ll find a selection of the research and practice-based projects I’ve led or taken taken part in that sit at the intersection of design, data, social research, and speculative futures.

My background is in the design and futures industry. For three years, I worked at award-winning design studio Superflux where I held a position as Senior Designer and contributed to international exhibitions, films, and cultural works. My work at Superflux allowed me to focus on tensions between emerging technologies and shifting climactic and social contexts: exploring topics such as gene technologies, future of food and citizen-centred alternatives for the internet.

After almost a decade of calling myself a “designer”, last year I returned to academia to focus on developing my social sciences research and technical data skills: focusing specifically on big data and community technology. I intend to use these skills to work across technical and research projects whilst still drawing from my design and futures practice.

I currently hold a post as Data and Digital Officer at Community Energy Scotland where I am developing fair and inclusive community energy projects that use digital technologies for good. Here, my work includes applying data and data governance processes to help co-create practices for community resilience and agency. I also carry out technical project activities such as data analysis; and code scripts that work with live data streams.